May 30, 2023  
2022-2023 Arapahoe Community College Catalog 
2022-2023 Arapahoe Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mortuary Science AAS - Academic Plan

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Mortuary Science is a field of human and community service which offers a variety of work, intellectual challenge and satisfaction of helping the bereaved through life’s most trying period. The program prepares individuals to become a mortuary science practitioner, funeral director and embalmer.

Accreditation Status: The Mortuary Science Program at Arapahoe Community College is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE). The Board can be reached at 992 Mantua Pike, Suite 108, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097, 816.233.3747,

Course Availability

Total Credits = 66

Required Courses - General Education Courses Credits Pre or Co Reqs Required Course Available Fall? Course Available Spring? Course Available Summer?
ACC 1021  - Accounting Principles I 4 No Yes Yes Yes
BIO 2101  - Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab: GT-SC1* 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
BIO 2102  - Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab: GT-SC1 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
BUS 2016  - Legal Environment of Business 3 No Yes Yes Yes
COM 1250  - Interpersonal Communication 3 No Yes Yes Yes
ENG 1021  - English Composition I: GT-CO1* 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MAN 1028  - Human Relations in Organizations 3 No Yes Yes Yes

PSY 1001  - General Psychology I OR

PSY 1002  - General Psychology II*

3 No Yes Yes Yes


Required Courses - Major Courses Credits Pre or Co Reqs Required Course Available Fall? Course Available Spring? Course Available Summer?
HPR 1058 - Role of Death & Bereavement in Society 3 Yes No Yes No
MOR 1000  - Introduction to Funeral Services 3 No Yes No No
MOR 2010  - Embalming Theory I with Lab 4 Yes Yes No No
MOR 2015  - Funeral Merchandising 3 Yes Yes No No
MOR 2020  - Mortuary Law and Compliance 3 Yes Yes No No
MOR 2024  - Thanato-Microbiology/Pathology 4 Yes Yes No No
MOR 2025  - Embalming Theory II and Lab 4 Yes No Yes No
MOR 2030  - Restorative Art with Lab 4 Yes No Yes No
MOR 2035  - Funeral Directing and Counseling 3 Yes No Yes No
MOR 2043  - Thanatochemistry 3 Yes No Yes No
MOR 2060  - National Board Exam Review 1 Yes No No Yes
MOR 2080  - Internship 4 Yes No No Yes


Program Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of funeral service professionals in developing relationships with the families and communities they serve.
  • Identify standards of ethical conduct in funeral service practice.
  • Interpret how federal, state, and local laws apply to funeral service in order to ensure compliance.
  • Apply principles of public health and safety in the handling and preparation of human remains.
  • Demonstrate technical skills in embalming and restorative art that are necessary for the preparation and handling of human remains.
  • Demonstrate skills required for conducting arrangement conferences, visitations, services, and ceremonies.
  • Describe the requirements and procedures for burial, cremation, and other accepted forms of final disposition of human remains.
  • Describe methods to address the grief-related needs of the bereaved.
  • Explain management skills associated with operating a funeral establishment.
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills and research skills needed for funeral service practice.

Recommended Course Sequence (Full-Time)

Recommended Course Sequence (Part-Time)


  • *This course requires college level readiness as measured by Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT scores; approved high school course work that is less than five years old; or successful completion of appropriate college-readiness course.
  • AAA 1001  – College 101: Student Experience is required for all new college students seeking degrees or transfer.
  • All MOR courses must be completed within four years of starting the Major Courses.
  • Course availability is subject to change.
  • FULL TIME TRACK: This specially designed curriculum is for full-time students who have finished ALL General Education and Related Courses from the Curriculum Requirements. If you have met these requirements, you can complete the entire program in three semesters. BIO 2101  must be completed before starting either track. (27 credits).
  • HPR 1058  and MOR 1000  are open enrollment with completed prerequisites; enrollment in all other Major Courses requires official acceptance into the Mortuary Science program.
  • In order to meet program requirements, students registered for ENG 1021  or ENG 1031  must also register for ENG 0094  unless they can demonstrate otherwise meeting the ENG 0094  standard through assessment testing, prior college coursework, or recent High School coursework. See an Advisor for details.
  • PART TIME TRACK - This specifically designed curriculum is for part-time students. To enroll in this option you must have completed or be near completion of all General Education and Related Courses. Students may not start this track if more than two General Education and Related Courses need to be completed. BIO 2101  must be completed before starting either track. If two General Education courses are lacking, they must be completed in the first year. (21-27 credits).
  • Refer to 2022/2023 catalog for specific requirements and important information about this degree.

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