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2017-2018 Arapahoe Community College Catalog 
2017-2018 Arapahoe Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry Transfer Major, AS

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CIP 240199 (CHED)

The purpose of a statewide articulation agreement is to identify the courses a student at a Colorado public community college must complete as part of an AA/AS degree to be guaranteed to be able to complete the designated baccalaureate degree program at any public four-year college and university (hereafter referred to as receiving institutions) that offers that program within the minimum number of credits designated by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education.

The guarantees and limitations below describe the minimum requirements to which all participating institutions have agreed.

Students who complete an AA/AS degree and the prescribed curriculum in the articulation agreement and are admitted (with no academic deficiencies that require additional coursework) to a receiving institution participating in this agreement are guaranteed the following:

  • Junior standing with no more than 60 [note: this number may vary with specific program covered by agreement] remaining credits to meet the graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degree in the degree program covered by this articulation agreement.
  • Completion of the receiving institution’s lower division general education requirements as defined by the GT Pathways (GT) curriculum.
  • The same graduation requirements as students who begin and complete this degree program at the receiving institution.
  • Beginning fall 2019, admission to all Colorado public baccalaureate awarding institutions (except Colorado School of Mines) will be guaranteed to applicants who have completed any AA or AS degree from a Colorado public two-year institution, provided certain requirements are met. To see these requirements, please refer to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education’s Admissions Standards Policy (Effective for students seeking admission for fall 2019 and after) Section titled “Guaranteed Transfer Admissions.”
  • Until the Commission’s new Admissions Policy takes effect fall 2019, completion of the prescribed curriculum in this statewide transfer articulation agreement does not guarantee admission to a participating receiving institution. Students must meet all admission and application requirements at the receiving institution including the submission of all required documentation by stated deadlines. Please note: Students transferring to a University of Colorado institution (Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver) must satisfy the CU System’s MAPS (Minimum Academic Preparation Standards) requirement.
  • Only courses with grades of C- or higher are guaranteed to transfer.
  • Admission to a receiving institution does not guarantee enrollment in a specific degree program. Some programs at receiving institutions have controlled entry due either to space limitations or academic requirements.
  • The credit and course transfer guarantees described in this agreement apply to the specific degree program covered by this agreement. Receiving institutions will evaluate application of the courses designated in this agreement to other degree programs on a course-by-course basis.
  • Students who wish to use credits awarded by exam, such as AP (Advanced Placement), or IB (International Baccalaureate), to fulfill specific course requirements are responsible for consulting with the institution to which they are considering transferring to determine whether the credits they have been awarded by exam meet the standards of the receiving institution for specific course equivalents.
  • The receiving institution will accept all applicable credits earned within ten years of transfer to the receiving institution. Credits earned more than ten years earlier will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

Because of the limitations above, students must consult with the Office of Admissions at the institution to which they are considering transferring.

Successful completion of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree with academic designation does not guarantee the degree holder admission to a four-year state-supported institution of higher education; nor does it guarantee the degree holder automatic transfer of credits unless the degree holder has fulfilled the requirements of an existing statewide transfer agreement associated with the degree. No course substitutions will be accepted for the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees.

Admission Requirements

For more information about this transfer degree please refer to the Colorado Department of Higher Education website

Program Requirements

General Education Courses (30 credit hours)

CCCS Courses Applied to gtPathways General Education Curriculum (see Notes 1, 2, 3, 4 Below)

Written Communication (6 credit hours)

Mathematics (5 credit hours)

Arts and Humanities (3 credit hours)

  • GT - One GT Pathways  Arts & Humanities course (GTAH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4)

History (3 credit hours)

Social and Behavioral Science (3 credit hours)

  • GT - One GT Pathways  Social & Behavioral Science course (GT-SS1, GT-SS2, or GT-SS3)

Natural and Physical Sciences (10 credit hours)


*Lecture and laboratory portions of Organic chemistry, CHE 211  and CHE 212 , must not be taken in an online Delivery format.

Elective Courses (1 credit hour)

GT - Courses from the following list must be selected to bring the total credit hours to 60. Special Topics (275) and Independent Study (285) are not included.

Total: 60 credit hours


  1. This statewide transfer articulation agreement in Chemistry does not fulfill requirements for the gtPathways general education curriculum or the Associate of Science degree prior to transfer; however, this agreement does guarantee a student, if admitted, junior standing and completion of the baccalaureate degree within an additional 60 semester hours at the receiving institution.
  2. Students wanting to earn the AS-Chemistry degree must complete the 60 credits as outlined in this agreement, transfer to the four-year institution, then complete one gtPathways-approved course in Arts & Humanities (AH1, AH2, AH3, or AH4) and one gtPathways-approved course in Social & Behavioral Sciences (SS1, SS2, SS3) at the four-year institution within the first 30 credit hours or 12 calendar months.
  3. Upon completion of the six additional gtPathways credits in Arts & Humanities and Social & Behavioral Science at the four-year institution (as described in Note 2 above), the student can transfer the credits back to Arapahoe Community College. If the student has completed the 60 credits as outlined above, along with the additional six additional gtPathways credits in Arts & Humanities and Social & Behavioral Science, they will then have completed the required credits of the gtPathways general education curriculum and would be eligible to earn their Associate of Science degree with a Chemistry designation.
  4. To transfer credits to ACC, a student must order an official transcript and have it sent from the issuing institution directly to ACC; transcripts issued to the student and / or hand-delivered by the student are not considered official and will not be utilized for evaluation of transfer credits. Official Transcripts must be sent to: ACC – Admissions & Records, 5900 S. Santa Fe Drive, Littleton, CO 80160.

Graduation Requirements

  • All courses required for this degree must be completed with a “C” or better to be considered for transfer to another institution.
  • To graduate, students must apply for graduation (form available at and complete the graduation survey (available via myACC).
  • After applying for graduation, all correspondence to a student about the status of their program conferral will be sent to their student email address only.

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