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2022-2023 Arapahoe Community College Catalog 
2022-2023 Arapahoe Community College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism and Contemporary Media AAS - Academic Plan

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The AAS in Contemporary Journalism prepares students with a broad range of skills for the changing field of journalism and media as well as for careers in journalism, public relations, communication, law, lobbying, training, marketing, etc. Students will receive training in producing publications in print and online. Students will combine traditional journalism skills in writing and editing with digital skills in page layout and production to produce printed publications as well as websites, e-zines, blogs, and other relevant internet media.

Course Availability

Total Credits = 60

Required Courses - General Education Courses Credits Pre or Co Reqs Required Course Available Fall? Course Available Spring? Course Available Summer?
Any GT-Pathways BIO OR SCI Course 3 No Yes Yes Yes
Any GT-Pathways LIT OR HUM Course 3 No Yes Yes Yes
COM 1150  - Public Speaking* 3 No Yes Yes Yes

COM 2220  - Group Communication OR

COM 2250  - Organizational Communication

3 No Yes Yes No
ENG 1021  - English Composition I: GT-CO1* 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
ENG 1022  - English Composition II: GT-CO2 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes

ENG 2031  - Literary Magazine OR

ENG 2064  - Publishing Your Writing*

3 No No Yes No
MAR 2016  - Principles of Marketing 3 No Yes Yes Yes
MAT 1240  - Mathematics for the Liberal Arts: GT-MA1* 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
MGD 1002  - Introduction to Multimedia 3 No Yes Yes No
MGD 1013  - Adobe InDesign 3 No Yes Yes No

PSY 1001  - General Psychology I OR

PSY 1002  - General Psychology II OR

SOC 1001  - Introduction to Sociology*

3 No Yes Yes Yes



Required Courses - Major Courses Credits Pre or Co Reqs Required Course Available Fall? Course Available Spring? Course Available Summer?
JOU 1005  - Introduction to Mass Media: GT-SS3* 3 No Yes Yes No
JOU 1006  - Media News and Reporting* 3 No Yes Yes No
JOU 1021  - Photojournalism** 3 No Yes Yes No
JOU 1080  - Internship 1 No Yes Yes No
JOU 2006  - Intermediate Newswriting and Editing** 3 Yes Yes Yes No
JOU 2025  - New Media+ 3 No Yes Yes Yes
JOU 2031  - Introduction to Public Relations 4 No Yes Yes Yes
JOU 2041  - Feature and Magazine Writing+ 3 No Yes Yes Yes


Program Outcomes

  • Use news judgment to select, produce and publish journalistic content.
  • Gather information through interviewing sources and research using libraries, archives, documents, databases, and electronic sources.
  • Employ standard reporting and newsgathering techniques.
  • Create journalistic content across multiple media platforms, and in the process, identify which mediums and platforms are best for which stories.
  • Identify and practice the role and principles of a free press in a participatory democracy: accuracy, ethics, fairness and context.

Recommended Course Sequence (Full-Time)

Recommended Course Sequence (Part-Time)

Year 3 - Fall


  • **Please note: JOU 1021  & JOU 2006  are available every other Spring.
  • *This course requires college-level readiness as measured by Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT scores; approved high school course work that is less than five years old; or successful completion of appropriate college-readiness course.
  • + Please note: JOU 2025 , JOU 2041 , and JOU 2031  are available every other Fall on campus and every Spring and Summer online.
  • AAA 1001  – College 101: Student Experience is required for all new college students seeking degrees or transfer.
  • Course availability is subject to change.
  • In order to meet program requirements, students registered for ENG 1021  or ENG 1031  must also register for ENG 0094  unless they can demonstrate otherwise meeting the ENG 0094  standard through assessment testing, prior college coursework, or recent High School coursework. See an Advisor for details.
  • Recommended courses may be listed above for certain electives; consult with the Academic Advising Office (advising@arapahoe.edu or 303.797.5664) for additional elective recommendations.
  • Refer to 2022/2023 catalog for specific requirements and important information about this degree.

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